who question flash cards for expressive and receptive language

WHO Printable Flash Cards Level 1 and 2

Practice WHO questions with simple and bright flash cards. Each card is open-ended, so you can tailor your questions based on the child's current expressive and receptive language ability.

LEVEL 1: Each card depicts clues to help your child or student guess the correct animal. Use Hoo Hoo Who? for inspiration!

Example questions include: "Who has yellow feathers and splashy feet?" "Who is says hiss and is shaped like the letter S?" "Who is fluffy like a cloud?" These questions allow for simple one-word answers - a great way to get started with conversations.

LEVEL 2: Each card consists of simple faces. These cards give the child the opportunity to build their language skills slowly by enhancing observational skills and using adjectives to answer questions.

Example questions include: "Who has red eyebrows?" "Who is looking down?" "Who is thinking about ice cream?" Example answers: "That one." "The orange face." "The one in the middle."

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