Hoo Hoo Who?
Hoo Hoo Who?

Hoo Hoo Who?

Author: Mary Maier & Lauren Horton SLP
Illustrator: Mary Maier
Ages: 2-5
Pages: 32

2019 PAL Award Winner - the only industry recognition focusing on the best toys, games and books that not only entertain, but also inspire kids and caregivers to engage in rich communication and interaction.

You're Invited!

It's time for Mouse's Surprise Party, but Owl's glasses are broken. It's a good thing you came along! Can you use the clues to help Owl figure out which guest is at the door? Hoo hoo who could it be?

In this catchy and interactive book, children are encouraged to take part in the story and use expressive language to respond to Owl's WHO questions. With engaging opportunities on every page, children will be excited to read this story again and again. Who doesn't love to yell “Surprise!" and sing “Happy Birthday"?

The bold and distinctive illustrations are refreshing for parents and particularly enthralling for children who will be naturally drawn to the curvy and circular shapes.

Review from Kirkus:

"The attractive, scribbly pen-and-ink plus watercolor illustrations are a nice change from the usual primary colors. Dominated by pale blue, orange, peach, and gray, they are dynamic with repeated circle shapes. A rewarding read-aloud, with enjoyable question-and-answer rhythms and bubbly, festive animal illustrations." -Kirkus Reviews

Review from BookPage:

Hoo Hoo Who? begins with a surprise party, thrown by Owl, that is in full swing. But since the farsighted Owl has broken his glasses, he may need help welcoming his party guests. Aimed at a slightly younger audience, author-illustrator Mary Maier and author Lauren Horton’s picture book encourages little readers to predict which animal is next on Owl’s guest list. With detailed clues about the guests’ physical appearances and movements, even the youngest listeners can join in the guessing. Before the last guest arrives, however, there is one more surprise for the blurry-eyed Owl. Maier’s text has a rhythm that lends itself to read-alouds and inspires participation with owl hoots and other animal sounds. And here’s a preschool party tip: have your little party-goers pretend to be each animal as they arrive. Educators will enjoy that Horton, who is also a speech pathologist, includes links for incorporating this book into educational settings. Maier illustrates with bold lines, quick dashes and spatters of paint, which echo the excitement—and slight frenzy—of a surprise party. (Or perhaps someone looking through broken glasses?) With large, vibrant illustrations and extreme animal close-ups, Hoo Hoo Who? is friendly and energetic.